© Rudie - Fotolia.comFotolia_39759053_XSRegarding the fees for the services rendered by me, I am bound by law to invoice these services based on the tax advisor fee law. The actual fee depends on the actual issues value, and other variables, such as the complexity of the legal matter and the time which is spent on your behalf.

Therefore, in order to give you a first impression of the fee, I need at least a short description of the actual assignment and the respective legal matters which come with this assignment.

For any other advice, such as advice in connection with economical scope or review of agreements etc. the tax advisor fee law applies a rate of EUR 30 to EUR 70 per half hour begun.

In case you would like to engage me as your professional tax advisor I will be happy to submit my engagement letter to you in which the agreed rates and liabilities are fixed. This engagement letter will form the basis of our cooperation.

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